Industrial computer


Shutdown is not an option. Also it is used in hostileenvironments design for the industrial environment.

The industrial computers are designed for the specificapplication and most important aspect of the applicationrequires many computers with identical hardware therefore itwill require only one image ( hardware and software backup).

On the commercial computers even when you buy 10computers of the same model, you may end up with 10different images and this will not be cost effective.The same principal works for PLCs and/or controls.

Younever use the computer or CPU of a Ford Taurus and try tomake a Ferrari engine to perform. This is a simple analogybut you get my point.

This scenario could become anightmare. You may save dimes in the begining but in theend it will cost thousands dollars in production loss.

Some customers try to cut corners with their budget and theyinvest vast amounts of funds on the mechanical aspects ofthe process.

When it comes to the brain of the processcustomers have a tendency of trying to save funds.Industrial computers are critical component in the process.

The following are examples where industrial computer areused: manufacturing, defence, medical, transport, utilities, oil& gas, security, broadcast and retail.


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