bioreactor Algea

We believe one of the mayor issues is energy. Another mayor issue
is pollution. To be more precise, the gases which contribute to the
green house effects on our earth.

This information we are about to share with you could be of great
value and interest. The solution for energy is in the CO2 emissions.

The majority of power plants and other type of plants produce CO2.
What we propose is to take the CO2 into bioreactors. The
bioreactors consist primary of Algae or the reproduction of Algae.
The Algae literately eats the CO2 and produces more Algae.

Depending on the quality, it can be used for many purposes. One of
them is to dry the algae, and use it as a fuel for the furnaces.
Another possible use is for feed stock products. Yet another use is
to produce bio-diesel or ferment it and produce ethanol.

Algae is a superior way to produce fuel because is not a seasonal
agriculture product, like corn is. Algae also produces ethanol in
greater quantities than corn. Approximately 8000 gallons per acre
compared to corn that only produces 57gallons per acre.

The process is possible in the following manner. Algae is the
smallest living plant and is the same as other plants which produce
the photosynthesis process in which green plants utilize the energy
of sunlight to manufacturer carbohydrates from carbon dioxide. The
main objective of the bioreactors is to produce a massive amounts
of algae. The bioreactors need to monitor the PH levels and another
key ingredients allowing it to have the right quantity and quality.

Now did we mention we can eliminate 80% to 90% of the CO2 out of
the smoke stacks.

Armani Consulting Corp